Millennials and Microbrews

Are you a millennial (someone between the ages of 18-33)? Chances are you attended at least three food and beverage events last year. According to a new study from Eventbrite, more than half of millennials describe themselves as “foodies,” which is resulting in a huge demand for food and beverage focused events.

Eventbrite surveyed more than 5,000 people who had attended at least one festival in the past year with a focus on food, beer, or wine. Among this sample, craft beer events were the most popular with almost half the participants (47%) saying it is their most preferred event choice. The top reason millennials prefer craft beer festivals over other food and beverage events is because of the chance to be exposed to new products and companies.

Here at Lou Dog Events, this is what we strive for: the chance for guests to sample new and interesting craft beers from both established craft breweries and up-and-coming ones. Our festivals emphasize Illinois craft brewers and local food businesses. If you are looking for a unique and authentic craft beer experience, check out our upcoming festivals here.

Click here to access the full report from Eventbrite.



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