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Ballpark Ale Fest – Not Just Another Beer Fest

As the founder of a festival production and management company that specializes in craft beer festivals it is my goal to create beer festivals that are as unique as the beers that are being poured.  A craft beer festival is all about the experience, and Ballpark Ale Fest is no exception. The fest will provide the opportunity to experience craft beer inside Fifth Third Ballpark and will feature a large and diverse selection of American craft beer.


Just like real estate, Ballpark Ale Fest is all about location – location – location. Fifth Third Ballpark is a state-of-the-art facility and the perfect setting for a craft beer festival. The ballpark is located on the banks of the scenic Grand Rapids River and is just a short drive from Downtown Grand Rapids.


Ballpark Ale Fest will allow patrons the opportunity to interact with fellow beer enthusiasts, brewers, and industry experts and will feature American craft beer from not only the great state of Michigan, but from throughout the United States.  We are excited to showcase a full rage of breweries from across the country – both big and small – new and old.


Ballpark Ale Fest is a craft beer festival that combines America’s favorite pastime with America’s favorite craft beers.  The goal of Ballpark Ale Fest is to showcase American craft beer with an emphasis on Oktoberfest and Pumpkin beers.  Whether you are new to craft beer or a craft beer connoisseur, I encourage you to check out Ballpark Ale Fest.


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